Product Name Specification
Autopilot Mock-up with Simulation Operating Supply. 220 volt/50Hz./1ph with Stabilized Voltage.      
 1. Three Axis(X, Y, Z) Control.
 2. Aileron, Rader, Elevators Moment through    
 3. Roll or Bank, Pitch Yaw or Heading Control
4. Simulation
a.  Engine speed Selector with RPM Indicator 
     & Engine Start /Stop Switch
 b. Engine Temp. Indicator
c. Altimeter.
d. X  Axis (ROLL) Control with Indicator
 e. Y  Axis (PITCH) Control with Indicator
f.  Z  Axis (YAW) Control with Indicator
5. Navigation Light, Anti-Collision Light.
    Strobe Light, Cockpit Light, Cabin Light.
    With Control
6. Manual Mode & Auto Mode Selector.
7. Sound Simulation
Smoke, Gas, Fire , detector Mock-up Operating Voltage 220v./50Hz/1Ph.
 Output Light & Sound system 
Static Inverter with Indication Input 12V DC .(Battery) Output 115 V/400 HZ /Three Phase & 26 v/400 Hz/ Single phase/ 30VA. Volt Meter, Frequency Meter (Digital) ,Volt Selector Switch
Aircraft AC Generator System with GCU Mock-up Operating Voltage 220v./50Hz/1Ph
Generator Output 115v. To 220v.AC/ Single Phase /50 Hz, 300VA.  Variable RPM control Unit, Forward / Reverse Facility, Voltage control Unit (Excitation Control) ,over voltage Cut, under voltage Cut, over current cut . Volt, Amp. , RPM & frequency Indicating System. output load argument   Control Panel
Altimeter test chamber Mock-up Operating Voltage 220v./50HZ/1Ph
Output Vacuum up to 760mm in Hg Aircraft altimeter (Serviceable), Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Gage, Vacuum Chamber, all control value .complete Panel
Aircraft oil Temperature Indication principle Mock-up Operating Voltage 220v./50HZ/1Ph.
 Oil temperature Sensor, Aircraft oil Temperature Indicator With Control  Panel
Mock-up for compass swinging practice aircraft  Model & compass with degree Marking
Medium Landing Compass (MLC) Serviceable. Use for aircraft  compass swinging