Product Name Specification
Aircraft landing gear retraction system & Flap Mock-up Operating Supply 440v/3ph./50Hz, Aircraft landing Gear , Hydraulic system   With Control Panel
Piston engine Cut Section Mock-up Operating Supply 220v/1ph./50Hz
Four Cylinder Piston Engine Mock-up 
Air Condition System Mock-Up Operating Voltage 220v./50HZ/1Ph
control panel part (Energy meter,
Voltmeter, Amp. Meter, MCB, suction gage, Temp.gage , cooling effect, LP/HP Cutout   & other System
Pneumatic system Mock-up Operate by pneumatic Supply& Supply 220v/1ph./50Hz, Varity Type pneumatic valve, connector, switch, Filter ECT. with Composer
Hydraulic system Mock-up Supply 220v/1ph./50Hz
& Varity Type Hydraulic  Item Complete System
Jet Engine As  par your Requirement
Piston Engine As  par your Requirement
Light Aircraft As  par your Requirement